In recent years, the field of animal health has witnessed remarkable strides, driven by cutting-edge research and a relentless quest for better therapeutic outcomes. At the heart of these advancements is the development of formulations that optimize the absorption and bioavailability of health products.

Zoeuticals aims to improve pharmacokinetics of products by increasing absorption for enhanced bioavailability to optimize each products’ efficacy and safety ensuring chemical, physical and physiological stability. For this purpose, Zoeuticals uses advanced pharmaceutical technologies to develop and design products within the frame of active ingredient physicochemical characteristics and their utilization mechanism in the animal body.

Driven by our passion for excellence and commitment to advancing animal health, Zoeuticals is at the forefront of innovative therapeutic solutions. We take pride in our fast dissolving oral strips, organogel formulations, advanced nano-based delivery systems, and sterile liquid supplements, each promising unparalleled absorption and bioavailability, culminating in unmatched efficacy and safety. Here’s a glimpse into Zoeuticals’ groundbreaking strides in veterinary care:


Oromucosal Delivery System: Effective Bioavailability with Fast Dissolving Oral Strips

Oral transmucosal drug and/or nutrient delivery systems show promise as a systemic delivery method, presenting numerous advantages over both injectable and conventional enteral methods, including chewable tablets, regular tablets, capsules, and suspensions.

Oral mucosa is characterized by high permeability due to the buccal epithelium’s non-keratinized nature and limited tight junction development, along with its expansive surface area. Bringing fast dissolving oral strips together with oral mucosa facilitates the quick and efficient absorption of active ingredients into the bloodstream, thereby resulting in higher bioavailability.

The oromucosal delivery system optimizes absorption and improves bioavailability, ensuring swift and efficient action for rapid and effective results.

Zoeuticals PetFast fast dissolving oral strips are advanced oromucosal delivery systems, manufactured with cutting edge-technology for improved pet compliance, accurate dosing, rapid onset of action, as well as their convenient handling and administration with pleasant tastes. These films consist of thin oral strips formulated using hydrophilic polymers that rapidly adhere, disintegrate and dissolve when placed in the oral cavity to release the active ingredients, which becomes available for oromucosal absorption, without chewing and need of food or water.


Transdermal Organogel Formulations: Harnessing Enhanced Bioavailability

The allure of utilizing skin as a conduit for delivering systemically active solutions has grown over recent times. Yet, skin’s natural barrier properties pose challenges, narrowing down viable candidates for transdermal delivery. Recognizing these challenges, Zoeuticals innovated with a unique transdermal organogel delivery system, amplifying skin permeability and ensuring seamless transport into the dermis.

 Zoeuticals’ organogel formulations symbolize our dedication to revolutionizing transdermal delivery:

Enhanced Skin Penetration: Zoeuticals’ organogel transdermal delivery system is expertly crafted with organic ingredients, employing cutting-edge techniques that bolster skin penetration and optimize percutaneous absorption.

Maximized Bioavailability: Zoeuticals’ organogel transdermal delivery system technology increases the amount of therapeutic agent available for systemic absorption. This means pets benefit more from every dose, through a non-invasive application leading to potentially improved health outcomes.

Direct Efficacy and Controlled Release: Our formulation is carefully crafted for efficient percutaneous absorption through the pet’s inner ear, ensuring immediate therapeutic impact directly into the bloodstream. Subsequently, it upholds a uniform medication presence, offering a steady release to maintain consistent blood levels.


Nano-Innovations: Our Commitment to Superior Absorption

Zoeuticals’ innovative approach tackles the world of nanotechnology, a domain where materials are engineered at atomic and molecular dimensions. Our advanced nanotechnology delivery systems are engineered to:

  • Enhance Water-Solubility: Transforming poorly water-soluble ingredients for efficient absorption.
  • Optimize Dissolution: Ensuring rapid and consistent release of actives through seamless dissolution in bodily fluids.
  • Maximize Surface Interaction: Utilizing nanoparticles’ heightened surface area-to-volume ratio for optimal absorption.
  • Precision in Delivery: Designing nanoparticles to target specific tissues or cells, enhancing delivery precision while minimizing adverse reactions.

By elevating solubility, promoting consistent release, and ensuring targeted delivery, Zoeuticals is redefining the boundaries of drug efficacy and precision in animal health.


Sterile Liquid Supplements: The Power of Purity

The applied sterile filtration technology stands out as a beacon of innovation, ensuring that the therapeutic essential agents remain uncontaminated, potent, and ready for action. At Zoeuticals, we’ve refined the art of creating pristine liquid supplements:

  • Exceptional Absorption: By presenting therapeutic agents in a pure, uncontaminated form, our sterile liquid supplements facilitate rapid uptake and assimilation by the animal’s body.
  • Precision in Every Drop: We’ve tailored our solutions to deliver exact dosages, ensuring optimally effective results.
  • Optimal Efficacy, Every Time: Zoeuticals’ formulations prioritize maximum therapeutic impact, ensuring animals experience the full benefits of our products with each application.


Forging Ahead with Zoeuticals

As the animal health industry continues to evolve, the spotlight remains on innovative formulations like oromucosal delivery systems (PetFast fast dissolving oral strips), transdermal organogel products, advanced nano-based drug delivery systems, and sterile liquid supplements. Our pioneering solutions not only promise better health outcomes for animals, but also underscore our commitment to elevating the standards of veterinary care.