A Leap in Precision and

At its core, nanotechnology tackles the intricate world of engineering and manufacturing at atomic and molecular dimensions.

As Zoeuticals, we harness the potential of nanotechnology to amplify the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other active constituents within the stomach and intestinal tract, elevating their bioavailability.

This innovative approach transforms hydrophobic or large-scale active ingredients into a hydrophilic state. By decreasing particle sizes, we enhance water solubility and dissolution, addressing the primary rate limiting steps of absorption within the gastrointestinal tract.

Zoeuticals’ Nanotechnology Delivery Systems: Elevating Intestinal Absorption

Our advanced nanotechnology delivery systems are specifically crafted to:

  • Enhance Water-Solubility: Targeting hydrophobic ingredients, we transform poorly water-soluble active molecules, promoting their efficient absorption within the body.
  • Optimize Large Molecule Efficacy: By refining solubility, stability, delivery, and bioavailability, we ensure these molecules achieve their full therapeutic potential.
  • Augment Lipophilic Compound Performance: We strategically improve their solubility and dispersibility, facilitating a more efficient distribution within the body.


The Zoeuticals Nanotechnology Edge: Unraveling the Science
  • Boosted Solubility: Leveraging the capabilities of nanoparticles, we elevate the solubility of poorly water-soluble actives, streamlining their absorption within the body.
  • Superior Dissolution: Our nanoparticles are formulated to dissolve seamlessly in bodily fluids, ensuring rapid and consistent release of active components.
  • Maximized Surface Interaction: With their heightened surface area-to-volume ratio, nanoparticles foster extensive interaction with biological tissues, driving optimal absorption.
  • Precision in Delivery: We design our nanoparticles to zero in on specific tissues or cells, minimizing adverse reactions and honing the delivery to the precise site of action.





  • Surface area of active ingredient particles to increase penetration and solubility for maximum systemic absorption

  • Side effects
  • Administration dose
  • Dosing frequency
  • Enzymatic degradation



  • Oral absorption
  • Oral bioavailability
  • Efficiency
  • Delivery to target area
  • In vivo/in vitro stability
  • Dissolution
  • Saturation solubility
  • Permeability


Cutting-Edge Nanocarrier System:  Nanoemulsion

Nanoemulsion is a specific application of nanotechnology that involves the creation of stable emulsions featuring droplet sizes within the range of 20 – 200 nanometers.

This ultrafine droplet-based nanoemulsion delivery system provides:

– Accelerates therapeutic action onset

– Encapsulates large molecules (such as peptides and proteins) and both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds in combined therapies.

– Increases surface area by reducing active ingredient particle sizes, maximizing solubility and penetration for superior absorption

– Tailors applications based on the physicochemical characteristics of active ingredients, ensuring improved absorption, stability, and effective delivery at the targeted site

– Protects enzymatic degradation of active ingredients such as large, protein structured components

– Reduces required dosage

– Suppresses bitter taste

– Ensures stability throughout

Our transformative nanoemulsion technology-based products leverage the power of nanotechnology to address the significant limitations of conventional preparations. They enhance the bioavailability and efficacy of specific active substances or combined therapeutic methods, facilitating excellent absorption of each active molecule by amplifying the surface area of active ingredient particles. This process increases solubility, protects against physiological degradation, and guarantees stability. With this innovative approach, Zoeuticals ensures optimized delivery, rapid action, and improved performance, setting new standards in absorption and redefining the future of advanced therapeutic solutions.

Nanoemulsion Structures

Navigating Tomorrow with Nanocarriers:  Liposome Encapsulation

 Liposomes, small nano sized vesicules in which an aqueous volume is entirely enclosed by a membrane composed lipid molecule having similar structure to cell membrane thereby leading to maximum active ingredient affliation to cell membranes, superior bioavailability, protection from degredation and peak utilization.

It is well-established that a significant proportion of active ingredients currently face challenges due to their water-insolubility, leading to poor bioavailability. The liposomal delivery system has emerged as a notable strategy to enhance dissolution and, consequently, absorption within the gastrointestinal tract.

Liposomal nanocarriers are surrounded by phospholipid bilayers which have the ability to dissolve water-insoluble active ingredients within the lipid domain of the liposomal membrane. Beyond their capability to solubilize and their biocompatibility, the resemblance in structure and composition between liposomes and biological membranes has fostered their utilization for the optimized oral delivery.

Liposome Structure


Zoeuticals’ Liposome Encapsulated Delivery System exhibit outstanding properties:

 Protecting the encapsulated substances from physiological degradation

Excellent biocompatibility

Hydrophylic properties

Increased absorption

Enhanced bioavailability

Optimum concentration at the target site

Extending the half-life

In vivo and in vitro stability