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Multi Vitamin

New Generation Liquid Supplement

Multivitamin Solution



Produced with specific purity criteria catering excellent absorption and enhanced bioavailability for peak product performance.

Formulation composed with high grade organically bonded components.



(Retinyl palmitate) Vitamin A 50000 IU
(Cholecalciferol) Vitamin D3 25000 IU
(All-rac-alpha-tocopherol acetate) Vitamin E 4 mg
(Ascorbic acid) Vitamin C 2 mg
(Thiamin hydrochloride) Vitamin B1 2.5 mg
(Riboflavin 5-phosphate ester monosodium salt) Vitamin B2 2.1 mg
(Niacinamide) Vitamin B3 12.5 mg
(D-panthenol) Vitamin B5 3 mg
(Pyridoxine hydrochloride) Vitamin B6 1.25 mg
(Cyanocobalamin) Vitamin B12 30 µg



Recommended to support conditions in animals with vitamin deficiencies.

Has benefits for stress related situations such as birth or weaning, transport, change in housing, extreme changes in temperature, and in changes of feed.

Suggested to use in conditions of illness, convalescence and post-infection recovery periods, growth-related problems, diseases caused by nervousness and for the animal’s general unthriftiness. Helps in strengthening of the immune system. Essential for good vision, healthy skin, bones, cell growth and a healthy immune system as well as contributes to proper functioning of the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

Moreover, it is used for supporting the growth of animals.

For poultry; Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiencies caused by increased requirements due to stress or illness, growth, or performance and decreased intake due to feed quality, inappetence or general weakness as well as helps to maintain gut health, FCR, egg production, productivity and immunity.

Animal Species Recommended Dosage
Cattle, Camels, and Horses 10 – 20 mL
Calves and Sheep 5 – 10 mL
Pig 10 mL
Piglets (10-30 kg) 1 – 3 mL
Piglets (10 kg) 1 mL
Lambs 2 – 3 mL
Dogs 1-2 mL
Poultry 100 mL/1000 L water

The product may be given directly to individual animals and to groups of animals via the feed or water to supplement the daily ration to suit the needs. It can be administered 2-3 times a week in necessary cases.



Multivitamins are widely accepted in animal nutritional care. They are used as nutritional supplements as well as for parenteral nutrition. It is critical that the quality and processing of feedceuticals must be at the highest level of purity for peak bioavailability.

Product is produced with high-quality materials in special clean rooms, furnishes no possible undesired interactions in the body arising from contaminants in the product such as either microorganisms or visible and/or non-visible foreign particles therefore emerges excellent absorption, enhanced bioavailability together with a hassle-free application and extended shelf-life.

The increase in the performance of farm and companion animals has resulted in higher vitamin needs. To ensure a healthy and highly productive livestock, the maintenance, nutrition, and general transport conditions especially during the neonatal, rapid physical growth, pregnancy and lactation period, or in stressful phases such as transport and change of housing have great importance.

Vitamins are organic substances that are indispensable to the normal metabolic processes of animal organisms. They are essential to maintain health and performance and must be supplied with the feed. The animal organism in general is not able to synthesize vitamins.

A deficiency or complete lack of one or more vitamins may lead to multiple malfunctions of the metabolism resulting in depressed performance, growth retardation and fertility problems.

Commercial presentation: 100 mL

Best before: 3 years from date of production



Protect from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Store at room temperature 15-25 ºC and in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Feedceuticals are subject to the feedstuff law and are not to be considered as medicinal products nor intended for therapeutic purposes.

The products discussed herein may have different product labeling in different countries. This specific product is marketed under the brand name MEGAZOL in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Egypt by Zoeuticals Middle East and its representatives.