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PETFAST Mobility Strips for Hip & Joint

An innovative, fast-acting, and enduring Hip & Joint supplement for dogs and cats, integrating a distinctive blend of scientifically validated ingredients utilizing advanced orally fast-dissolving film technology.

Composition per strip

UC-II® (Undenatured type II Collagen) 40 mg

Boswellia Extract 20 mg

Choline 10 mg

Vitamin E 2 mg

Vitamin D3 5 μg

Chicken Flavor

Give your pet one strip daily, regardless of breed, size, or age. Easily peel the strip from its individually sealed packaging and place it on the tongue or any part of the mouth.  Powerful and easy to use supplement that instantly dissolves in the mouth and is rapidly absorbed for enhanced bioavailability.



Promotes optimal joint function

Maintains natural mobility and joint flexibility

Helps in alleviating clinical signs associated with osteoarthritis (OA), a common condition in companion animals.

UC-II® (Undenatured Collagen Type II), has demonstrated an exceptional role in supporting joint health through oral tolerization, helping in the maintenance of normal joint metabolism. UC-II® has been clinically proven to be more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin based on a 120-day clinical study comparing 10mg active UC-II® to 2000mg glucosamine and 1.600mg chondroitin and numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of UC-II® in improving joint health and reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis1.

Boswellia extract helps to maintain smooth and comfortable joint movement and to preserve the structural integrity of joint cartilage.

Choline plays a vital role in maintaining the stability of cellular membranes, promoting muscular development, and facilitating neuro-transmission; collectively having a significant impact on a pet’s coordination and mobility.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and may help to treat osteoarthritis by stimulating the growth of cartilage cells.

Vitamin D3 is essential for dogs and cats, as they cannot synthesize vitamin D3 through skin sun exposure. It plays a significant role in bone metabolism, supporting maximum strength.

PetFast Mobility Strips works more effective and uniquely than traditional supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin1.

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Keep in a cool, dry place and protect from direct sunlight.

Best before: 2 years from date of production.


UC-II® Superiority-1

Superiority among other supplements

All clinical studies have revealed that UC-II® reduces lameness following general pain, pain during limb manipulation, and physical exertion.

Numerous studies demonstrate that UC-II® is more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin supplements in relieving dogs from pain and joint discomfort.


Research involving 35 dogs demonstrated that UC-II® could alleviate joint pain and discomfort by as much as 81%.

This study4 is accessible online.

In a study to assess the clinical effectiveness and safety of UC-II®, obese–arthritic dogs receiving UC-II® with 1 or 10 mg active UC-II®/day for 90 days demonstrated reductions in the levels of overall pain, lameness, and pain during limb manipulation after the physical exercise, with 10 mg showing a greater improvement. In the same study, no adverse effects were observed in both UC-II® doses. This action helps in reducing joint inflammation and promoting cartilage repair.


UC-II® Superiority-2

Mode of Action

Upon reaching the gastrointestinal ++-

UC-II® Superiority -3

Safety and Efficacy

UC-II® as a type II undenatured collagen has been found as effective as Coxib effects in therapeutic approaches of osteoarthritis in dogs. Coxibs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs that potentially have numerous side effects and require a prescription, whereas UC-II® has none. The results of this study showed that UC-II® and robenacoxib were able to similarly improve mobility of dogs affected by Osteoarthritis.

This study5 is accessible online.


UC-II® Superiority -4

Ingredient Enjoyed by Both Humans and Animals

UC-II® was initially studied and used as a human supplement to support osteoarthritis treatment and enhance healthy mobility for those experiencing mobility and osteoarthritis problems. It gained significant demand due to its impactful benefits on human health. Subsequently, animal studies were conducted and consistently resulted in positive feedback.

UC-II ® is a LONZA trademark, registered in USA.

Research indicates that UC-II® reduces overall discomfort and stiffness and increases physical function more effectively than

Glucosamine + Chondroitin



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