Anti-Itch Spray provides a fast-soothing relief of irritated skin caused by hot spots, allergies, dermatitis and other skin related problems. It is safe for sensitive and all skin types to instantly stop itching, scratching, and pain due to irritated skin.

Additional key formulation benefits are:

Vitamin E

– Is an antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin.

– For cases like eczema, where your pet can become incredibly itchy, Vitamin E can ease discomfort by easing inflammation caused by scratching.

– Helps your pet’s  skin problems heal faster, and its moisturizing properties may also soothe dry and irritated skin spots.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil

– Relieves blemishes, rashes, severely dry canine skin conditions, such as eczema or an itchy, sensitive scalp, as well as fungal infections in pets.

Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)

– Acts as an emollient, creating a protective seal over the skin and coat, preventing moisture loss and aiding coat condition (especially in damaged coats).

– Strengthens the skin,  counteracts eczema, itching, and peeling skin.

Cetrimonium Chloride

– Topical antiseptic agent  fights fungal and bacterial infections.



Spray directly on raw and inflamed sore spots.

Hold spray six to eight inches from affected area and apply liberally.

Avoid spraying near your pet’s eyes.

Repeat multiple times as needed.



Anti-Itch is available in 4 oz. (118 mL) and 8 oz. (237 mL) packaging options.