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VITAMIN C Solution

New Generation Liquid Supplement

Vitamin Solution



Produced with specific purity criteria catering excellent absorption and enhanced bioavailability for peak product performance.

Formulation composed with high grade organically bonded ingredients.



(Ascorbic acid) Vitamin C 200 mg



Vitamin C is essential to normal joint cartilage maintenance and repair. Vitamin C supplement helps for reducing stress and improving cardiovascular function of animals. It is also used for supporting immune system increasing resistance to infections and growth of animals

Animal Species Recommended Dosage
Cattle, Horses, and Camels 15 – 25 mL
Calves and Foals 10 – 20 mL
Sheep and Goats 5 – 10 mL
Lambs and Kids 3 – 7 mL
Dogs and Cats 0.5 – 2 mL
Poultry 100-250 mL/250 L drinking water

Product may be given directly to individual animals and to groups of animals by mixing with feed or drinking water to meet the required daily supplement ration needs.



Vitamin C is widely accepted in animal nutritional care. Vitamin C deficiency may cause increased susceptibility to infections and parasites, retarded growth, bone diseases, delayed healing of wounds, increased susceptibility to stress factors such as heat, transport, change of housings, reduced immune reaction in general and after vaccination, decreased fertility in both males and females. It is used as nutritional supplements as well as for parenteral nutrition.

Products are produced with high-quality materials in special clean rooms, therefore there are no undesired interactions in the body arising from contaminants in the product such as either microorganisms or visible and/or non-visible foreign particles, which contributes to the excellent absorption and enhanced bioavailability together with a hassle-free application and extended shelf-life.

Commercial presentation: 100 mL

Best before: 3 years from date of production



Protect from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Store at room temperature 30 ºC and in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Feedceuticals are subject to the feedstuff law and are not to be considered as medicinal products nor intended for therapeutic purposes.